Kalachakra Ritual

Kalachakra Ritual
The main kalachakra deities

The Kalachakra ritual begins with a three-day ground ritual puja (Sa-chok) headed by the monastery’s abbot. On the second day, the monks of Namgyal performed the sacred ritual Kalachakra dance (Sa-ghar).

On the third day, five monks of the monastery start making the colored sand mandala of the Kalachakra.

The actual ritual ceremony of the Kalachakra begins on 13th day of the third month of the Tibetan lunar calendar. The ceremony concludes with the fire puja and then in the afternoon of the same day, the abbot dismantles the sand mandala, which is one of the important parts of the ritual performance. Next day, the monks take the sand collected in the pot for Nagar puja at the river side and will offer the sand into the river.

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