Rituals are performed as part of an overall Dharma practice. Rituals are performed in order to allow the practitioner to visualize a given deity and mandala, which in turn helps one to undergo a change in their perception of reality.

The process of performing the ritual forces the tantric practitioner to visualize themselves as a deity and mandala in a transmuted environment. This makes the practitioner more acutely aware of the energies inside of their bodies as well as the energies and realities of the world as a whole. The goal is to, through the realizations, bring about a change in one’s perception and attain Buddhahood, the culmination of the whole process of inner transformation.

At Namgyal Monastery, rituals are performed throughout the year by the monks. In order to participate in these rituals the monks must receive initiations from a qualified Lama for the ritual, as well as participate in retreat where they recite the entire text for the ritual.